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**** yea I want one

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Currently ride a cbr250,put 10,000 miles on it in a little less than a year, all my riding friends said that I would get bored and want more, and now I do. ?
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I think it would be a good question to ask, if the R3 will be enough of an upgrade from a 250 cc Honda cbr.
acceleration differences are minimal, top speed is about 20 miles an hour faster, that's about the only improvement to expect.
For a faster experience than a CBR250R, a CBR 600 or 650 Cc would be recommended.

A 320 might give you a tad more power, but if you're looking for more, you might get bored after jist a month or two.
The r3 can overtake in 6th gear means it's hopelessly undergeared for day to day use.
It's geared lower than most 250cc bikes, acceleration at cost of mpg.
I've been looking at that, and for me to get normal acceleration out of the R3 will be very hard.
Upgear by 50% seems necessary, which is quite a lot.

The cbr can have acceleration in top gear, when you'd downgear it.
But then you won't have the top speed, because of its lower rev limit, nor the mpg.

Any bike that gets over 75mpg would accelerate slow.
There's just so much energy that you can get out of fuel.
I don't think R3 was planned as a mpg effecient commuter.
Suzuki GW250, on the hand, is exactly that - fuel saving, somewhat boring dynamics bike.
I realize that.
It is however, the only bike that AND meets up with my weight requirements of sub 400LBS, AND has the 300+CC needed to keep up on the interstates over here (doing 80MPH).

I think it'll take quite some heavy gearing mods to make it somewhat eco friendly; but I think it's possible.

The only other bike would be a Ninja300, but I like this one better.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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