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Yipeee ! 1000 kms up ! ! !

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Hello Friends,
I just completed 1000 kms on my bike...took me 24 days.....

Loving every moment... I have to commute 36 kms each way every day. Out of this, the first 30 kms take one hour and the next 6 take another 5 minutes...but this 5 minutes of pure pleasure make the first one hour worth it !

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yeah...got the first service done when I was at 987(yesterday)...cost me Rs. 1317 for oil + filter change and Rs. 300 for Chain cleaning and Lubrication...
Dollar is at 67 so that is 24 dollars and change...

I'll do my 1000km service tomorrow. I hope to spend about US$38,00. After that, I tell you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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