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looks like a really fun fb page FangShui, love the graphics/mods on the r3/r25. just curious, are the accessories for r3 cheaper from where you are?
Prices in increasing order:

China/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Thailand
Eu/Japan (tie)

japan.webike.net still has the widest selection at over 300 accessories/parts for the R3/R25 and easy Paypal payment.

eBay can almost always beat the Dealership prices. I get a 15% discount at my local dealership and eBay is always 5-10% cheaper than that.

On riding gear, it's really hard to beat the prices at FC-Moto in Germany. http://www.fc-moto.de/en_GB

Check out the slide show of various possible liveries on the R3/R25 here on Motoblast. Scroll down and click the first photo to go...


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I'm kinda an old-school Transformers geek, so I really dig those pix.


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